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POSTPONED - Working Sessions: Planning for new multimodal station and surrounding area

Check back soon for revised meeting dates


The I-84 Hartford Project Team has been working with communities to identify the best solution for fixing I-84. After exploring four different alternatives, or options, we're close to deciding on the future of the highway.

The project team recommended, and the Federal Highway Administration has agreed, to remove the Elevated and Tunnel Highway Alternatives from further consideration. These options do not meet the project Purpose and Need. The best option seems to be the Lowered Highway Alternative, which would bring the highway down to ground level and below most of the local streets, like Asylum, Broad and Sigourney Streets, and Capitol Avenue.

The Lowered Highway Alternative, and the No-build Alternative will continue to be analyzed. A formal decision, on the recommended highway and ramp options, is expected in spring 2020.


Under the alternatives that involve relocation of the railroad, a new rail station would be needed. This presents a chance to rethink Hartford's transit station as a multi-modal activity hub. In 2017, the I-84 Project Team, City of Hartford, and stakeholders began to study how an improved station area may look and function.

Relocation of the rail line will render the existing rail platform at Union Station unusable. This presents an opportunity to both plan for a better, more functional transit hub while repurposing the historic Union Station.

This intermodal planning effort will include two main tasks. Transit planning will include assessment of facilities and services, as well as passenger amenities. Land use planning will ensure compatibility among the new station and surrounding neighborhoods. Transit-oriented development, or TOD, is a priority to serve all modes.